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      About Us
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      Nanjing Huamin Electronics Co.,Ltd is one of the earlist enterprises which entered the automotive electronics high-tech area. Our company participated in the process that from the 1990 's domestic research and development of automobile electronic ignition system to the development of Euro II , Euro III and Euro IV emission systems supporting. We have the domestic leading technology advantages in many areas, which can embody the core technology of the automotive electronics, including engine electronics, chassis electronics, integrated K bus of digital electric meter, etc.

      After several years of development, our company has had three main series of products, which are automotive sensor, electrical control instrument, and controller. Now we can produce hundreds of automotive electronic products, our annual output can reach millions of sets.

      Our company has the self-development capacity of automotive electronic products, manufacturing ability of SMT processing, assembly and debugging, packaging, testing, etc, and research, development & self-manufacturing capacity of special test equipments. Our company has established GB/T19001-2000 quality management system as early as 2002. Then in 2006, in accordance with the special requirements of the international automotive industry supply chain, we established ISO/TS16949 quality management system. Furthermore, we passed NQA certification in 2007.

      The main automotive electronic product series which have been put into production are showed as follows:

      All-digital automotive electric meter

      Including speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge, coolant temperature gauge, LCD milemeter, LCD clock, plenty of LED signal lamps, etc. Our meters use veneer integrated structure, 4 pointer gauges use all-digital stepper motor driver. Meanwhile,the board also integrates K-bus, in order to support online configuration and diagnostic functions.


        Speed Sensor & Position Sensor

      Our speed sensor and position sensor are used as the key parts in the engine system and chassis system. We have a complete product line of these two types of sensors, which are based on the principle of Hall effect, magneto-electric type, opto-electronic type, eddy-current type, etc. These sensors are used for detecting the speed signal of the parts of the crankshaft, camshaft, transmission gear box, ABS system, speedmeter, etc.

        Water Sensor for Diesel Filter

      This type of sensor is used for the oil-water separator detection of the diesel filter initial filter system. It is an essential part for diesel engine to meet the Euro III and above emission standard requirements.

        Pressure Sensor

      Our pressure sensor is used to detect the vacuity of the engine’s intake manifold. It is an important sensor for electronic fuel injection system.

        Gear Sensor for Automatic Transmission

      This type of sensor is an electromechanical product for automatic transmission cotrolling. The sensor collects the timely gear position information of the automatic transmission, and then transforms the information into 9-group-4-bit Gray code digital signal, which corresponds to the gear position,exactly and reliably. Our products belong to the first creation domestically, and reach international advanced levels.


      We have several types of products, such as overspeed alarm, speed ratio regulator, etc.

      The automatic transmission digital gear sensor, fully-integrated digital automobile instrument, and water detection sensor for diesel filter have been identified as high-tech products in Jiangsu Province.

      Nanjing Huamin Electronics Co., Ltd always adhere to quality, serve the clients of automotive industry wholeheartedly. We will do our best to gear production to the demand of leading enterprises in automotive industry and provide satisfactory service. No matter in the past, at present, or in the future, Nanjing Huamin Electronics Co., LTD can always be your trustable and sincere cooperative partner.
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      Add£º NO. 18 Zhongxin Road, Xicun Industrial Park, Qi Lin Men, Jiangning District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, P.R.China Tel£º025-84233073 P.C£º211135
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